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Coupling of rotor/Runnerhead hub TP5 / TP7 5307166 ACRO

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Hub, Coupling of rotor, Runner head hub, blastwheel mounting flange, Laufradnabe, nabe, Mitnehmernabe, Náboj

ACRO-PERDA s committed to ensuring quality and reliability in all of the products it manufactures and sells as its "Headline" products such as Coupling of rotor/Runnerhead hub TP5 / TP7.

We select the most suitable wear resistant materials for each part, considering its purpose, function and the standard performance objective to be met. For special cases, we study the production of the part using wear resistant materials that perform better (High Speed Steel, Tool Steels and Hard Metals) for greater durability and as a result a reduction in procurement, downtime and maintenance costs.

ACRO-PERDA can manufacture any spare or replacement part based on a sample or a technical drawing for production.

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