anti-abrasion rubber

anti-abrasion rubber

In ACRO-PERDA we also supply anti-abrasive rubber for shot blasting applications. We offer different formats such as roll or plates, being able to choose between different qualities of rubber or thickness, that starting from 0.5mm to 8. Sometimes it is the clients demand that the rolls or sheets of anti-abrasive rubber that need to apply roughness or prints on one or both sides, and there are even those who require special formulations for greater protection against chemical corrosion, abrasion ... all these particularities can be applied to our anti-abrasive gums, for this, the most advisable thing is that we contact us so we can assist you personally.
Acro Perda is a company specializing in anti-abrasion rubber.
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Anti-abrasion rubber

ACRO-PERDA manufactures and supplies made-to-measure rolls and sheets of anti-abrasion rubber, with different rubber qualities and thickness according to the customer’s needs.

We manufacture top quality laminates in any type of rubber:

We can supply products with a thickness of between 0.5 and 8 mm and width of up to 1.4 metres according to the requested type and thickness.

We can make the products rough and stamped on one or both sides, as required by the customer.

We have formulas that have been specially designed for protection against chemical corrosion, abrasion and other aggressive products.

anti-abrasion rubber

Anti-abrasion hose

for sandblasting/Shot blasting

ACRO-PERDA supplies tubes and rolls of anti-abrasion hose with different qualities, thickness and length as required.

anti-abrasion rubber


For cleaning and shot blasting castings, metals, stone and cement surfaces.

Hose for sand, shot and stone blast that is abrasion resistant.


  • Lightweight and flexible for easy handling.
  • Small intolerances. Easy to couple.
  • Longitudinally stable, i.e. the length will not alter under pressure (unstable hoses result in the operator losing control when pressure is applied).
  • The conductive mix of the tube gives increased safety for the operator since there is no risk of wire breakage during use (when the hose has conducting materials).

Technical Specifications:

  • Inner Tube: wear resistant NR, black, smooth
  • Reinforcement: synthetic fibres
  • Cover: wear and weather resistant SBR, black, banded
  • Temperature Range: -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Electrical Properties: conductive tube, R < 2.106 Ω/m
  • Special Properties: abrasion resistance of tube < 70 mm3 according to ISO 4649

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Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote for our anti-abrasion hoses or rubbers, in any format, size, thickness and/or special format.

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