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ACRO-PERDA, S.L. was founded in Barcelona in 1980 and specialises in the manufacture and sale of spare parts for all types of shot blasting machines available on the European market.
In particular, we specialise in wear-resistant components for automatic shot blasting turbines. Our journey began in response to the need of some companies for alternative spare parts that were perfectly compatible with the spare parts available from manufacturers of shot blasting machines, of the same or better quality, at a more competitive price and with faster delivery times.


Over the past 40 years of work and R&D, we have established a reputation for excellence in the quality of our products, which are made using our own materials, and also increasing our list of references. As a result, we currently manufacture and supply spare parts that are compatible with the majority of existing brands on the Spanish and European markets, including: ALJU, CARLO-BANFI, MEBUSA, WHEELABRATOR, GEORG FISHER, BMD, SCHLICK, DISA, PANGBORN, COGEIM, TOSCA, OMSG, KONRAD-RUMP, TAF GUTTMANN, CM, GIETART, SIRSI, V&S, SELMER, RÖSLER, among others

Furthermore, thanks to our experience with the wear and abrasion resistant materials and our ability to innovate, adapt and optimise, we have expanded our expertise, offering to our customers multiple wear resistant solutions for specific problems with parts consumption or excessive wear, considerably reducing wear and replacements and, as a result, reducing procurement, downtime and maintenance costs

Our Mission

To manufacture and sell top quality wear resistant parts for shot blasting machines, compatible with the majority of shot blasting machines on the Spanish and European markets, at very competitive prices and with fast delivery times.

One of our main priorities is to have a permanent stock of spare parts so that we can send them without delay, even on the same day we receive the purchase order, to any company that needs shot blasting machine parts, regardless as to whether they are in Spain, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

We make direct deliveries to the end customer and also collaborate closely with distributors in the shot blasting sector of European countries that distribute our compatible parts, applying special distributor rates.

As part of our R&D and as a tailor-made service for our customers, we apply our knowledge and experience in wear-resistant materials to create all types of made-to-measure solutions for high consumption parts of any kind. We design and manufacture wear resistant parts that are long-lasting, replacing and increasing the use time of the existing ones. This way, procurement, downtime and maintenance costs are reduced for companies — a clear benefit in terms of savings

Our Vision

With the intention of providing the very best and most comprehensive service to our customers, ACRO-PERDA continues to constantly expand its spare parts catalogue, manufacturing more references and incorporating new complementary products for shot blasting spare parts, which may be more beneficial for our customers.

We aim to increase the supply of shot blasting machine spare parts for companies that work in Europe, through direct deliveries to customers and close collaboration with distributors in European countries. Our objective is to establish ourselves as the European Manufacturer and Supplier of Spare Parts for Shot Blasting Machinery.

ARCO-PERDA is motivated to provide solutions and improvements in the working conditions of shot blasting machines and in other production processes that have excessive wear resulting from industrial activity. How? By listening to the specific needs of our customers and providing tailor-made solutions, maintaining excellent quality and reliability in the manufacture of spare parts and ensuring short delivery times and very competitive prices.

All this is thanks to a professional relationship based on the trust, work, credibility and the loyalty of our customers.


Communication, listening, proximity, passion, involvement, loyalty
Creativity, innovation, optimisation
Professionalism, responsibility, commitment, effort, resolution
Sustainability, ecology and the environment
  • Transparency:
    In a social environment where transparency is increasingly less frequent, as a company, we are committed to values of transparency towards our team and our customers. Transparency implies trust and human relations, including commercial ones, that are forged by trust.
  • Clarity:
    When transmitting an idea, closing a deal, explaining a series of advantages… it is essential to be clear. No one likes to misunderstand something or feel as if there are things that have been overlooked or left unsaid.
  • Difference:
    We provide more quality at a lower price and respond, manufacture and deliver faster.
  • Excellence:
    Quality taken to an extreme. We demand the best to provide the best.
  • Listening:
    This is a company value that implies freedom of expression. What our customers say is very important to our team and essential for finding the most suitable tailor-made solution in each case and for each customer.
  • Responsibility:
    We care about and respect the environment. We implement new techniques and use new biodegradable materials with the aim of being more respectful of the environment and the ecology, so as to contribute to a more sustainable planet.
  • Passion:
    We live our work with intensity and give our all to finding solutions for problems or requested improvements.
  • Resolution:
    We plan different possible solutions for the challenges we are given. This way we have various solutions that the customer can choose from according to their needs and interests.
  • Loyalty:
    Over time, we forge a long-lasting professional and personal relationship with our customers and suppliers. This allows us to work in the present to improve the future.

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