Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link

Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link

For many years now, at ACRO-PERDA we have found that links and blades used in shot blasting applications can be significantly improved by being made from anti-wear materials. Our anti-wear links and slats provide up to 8 times longer service life compared to those made from conventional materials, which lack resistance to wear and abrasion. By opting for our anti-wear links and slats, our customers can reduce their annual purchase costs and obtain a totally profitable investment.

At ACRO-PERDA we offer links and slats for the shot blasting machines of the main manufacturers and we also manufacture them to measure according to the real needs of our clients. For this, we only need a sketch or basic indications to carry out a manufacturing study and provide a budget. Do not hesitate to contact us and you will be surprised.
Main activity of Acro Perda is the making and distribution of Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link.
Algunas otras de nuestras especialidades son: blast wheel parts , shot blasting machine spares , hard metal shot blasting spare parts , WHEELABRATOR blades,steel mill tumble blast , Shot Blasting Machine , DISA Continuous Blast Machines , ALJU blades
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Metal conveyor for shot blasting machines

Links, Slats, Bolts, Brushings

ACRO-PERDA is specialized in the manufacture of all the components of the metal panel for drum and continuous shot blasting machines of any manufacturer, compatible, in the best qualities available on the market, the greatest durability, very competitive prices and fast deliveries, between 20 and 45 days.

We manufacture chain links, slats-steel belt elements, pins, bolts, bushings, compatible for shot blast tumble belts from manufacturers such as Wheelabrator, Disa, George Fischer (+GF+), BMD, Schlick, Pangborn, Spencer & Halstead, OMSG, Mebusa-Sisson-Lehmann, Rösler, Berger R2/R3, among others.

  • Chain links
  • Pins
  • Bushes
  • Slats, steel belt elements
  • Bolts and Screws in anti-wear quality
  • Sprockets, chain wheels.
  • Other concepts / Languages: Chain link, Kettenglied links, Kettenglied rechts, Соединительная скоба, Zincir baklasi, overlapped steel tumble belt slat, Slat of steel tumble belt, chain link bush,
Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link
Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link

Shot blast Machine types

Shot blast Machine types:

  • Continuous Tumblast shot blasting machines MB
  • CT Continuous Through-Feed Tumblast shot blasting Machines, type CT-2, CT-3, CT-4, CT-6.
  • Barrel Blast Machine’s tumbling action, type T280-T1500, GN, M650GW, M850GW, M1000GW, M1300GW, M1500GW, TR, GR, GT, GO.
  • Tumblast shot blasting Machines, Tumble Blast Wheel Polishing Tumblers
  • Steel belt shot blasting machines, Tumble belt shot blast machines, Metal conveyor shot blasting machines
  • Tappeto Rampante ® Steel Belt Tumblast machine

The links of the chain are cast in different qualities according to the characteristics and requirements of the type of shot blasting machine and with the necessary surface hardness to guarantee resistance to abrasion, but also to guarantee resistance to fatigue and working stresses of the chain.

Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link
Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link
Wheelabrator DISA GF Chain Link

The slats, steel belt elements, pins, bushes, bolts, sprockets are manufactured in qualities of high anti-wear performance and fatigue resistance, such as Manganese and various anti-wear materials, with resulting hardness between 200 Brinell and 450 Brinell, according to demand.

We can manufacture and offer any link, slat, bolt, bush, or part of the steel belt with a sample, or drawing with constructive measures, with delivery times of 20-45 days.

List of some links, slats, bolts, bushings that we manufacture:

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We can manufacture and offer any link, slat, bolt, bush, or part of the steel belt with a sample, or drawing with constructive measures, with delivery times of 20-45 days.

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