Shot Blasting Machine.'; $frase5 = 'We would like to hear from you and we hope you'll find anything you are looking for on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about Shot Blasting Machine or ourselves by calling or sending an email.'; $text_grup='In more than 30 years, ACRO-PERDA has been manufacturing spare parts for shot blasting machines, we have accumulated a great experience and improved our service to offer high quality products. We make all kinds of spare parts compatible with the main shotblasting brands of the European market. We also offer the manufacture of parts with anti-wear solutions that considerably extend the useful life of specifically reducing the associated costs has been reducing purchases, improving production quality and reducing maintenance downtime and hours. We offer solutions for shot blasting parts, shot blasting maintenance parts, blasting wear blades, blasting manganese spare parts, blasting blades, blasting carbide spare parts, blasting wear spare parts, blasting board links, blasting board ribs, blasting spares, among many other parts.'; $enllacos8 = 'shot blasting brushes , shot blasting wheel impeller , wheelblast parts , wheel blasting'; $enllacos9 = 'DISA blades , CARLO-BANFI blades , shot blast spares , shot blasting brushes'; $descripcio = 'Manufacturing and distributing of Shot Blasting Machine. shot blasting brushes, shot blasting wheel impeller, wheelblast parts, wheel blasting, DISA blades, CARLO-BANFI blades, shot blast spares, shot blasting brushes.'; $nomllarg_grup = 'Shot Blasting Spares parts'; $paraules_clau_enllacos8 = 'shot blasting brushes, shot blasting wheel impeller, wheelblast parts, wheel blasting'; $paraules_clau_enllacos9 = 'DISA blades, CARLO-BANFI blades, shot blast spares, shot blasting brushes'; $copy = '© Copyright '.gmdate('Y').' Acro-Perda: Todos los derechos Reservados. Los contenidos del sitio web (URL), tanto textos, como imágenes, diseño gráfico, código fuente, logos, marcas, etc., son de titularidad y propiedad exclusiva de Acro-Perda o en su defecto a sus legí­timos propietarios y están amparados por la normativa reguladora de la Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial, quedando, por lo tanto, prohibida su reproducción, modificación, distribución o manipulación sin la autorización correspondiente de Acro-Perda. Acro-Perda es una empresa especializada en la creación de: '; $urlcanonical = "https://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}{$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']}"; $url=''; $contents=file_get_contents($url); $contents=preg_replace('//is','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//is','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('//i','',$contents,1); $contents=preg_replace('/(.*?)Yoast SEO plugin. -->/is',' <title lang="en-GB">⇪ '.$titol.' ✅ ',$contents,1); $contents = str_replace('title=""','title="'.$frase_cerca_aa.'"',$contents); $contents = str_replace('title="Ir a la página de inicio"','title="Acro-Perda - '.$frase_cerca_aa.'"',$contents); $contents = str_replace('alt=""','alt="'.$frase_cerca_aa.'"',$contents); $contents = str_replace('
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